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The Venetian horizontally slatted blinds were originally the only alternative to the roller blind for sun protection. Today they have evolved from the wide slatted cumbersome blind into a co-ordinated and integral part of today's office and home furnishing scene. Whilst still retaining the original benefits of light control, privacy, protection for furnishings, durability and security, they now have the added extra dimension of fashion colours, the effect created by different slat widths which include 25mm and 15mm micro slats and options such as perforated slats which make them a superb choice for any office or home environment.

Our Venetian Blind aluminum slats have been specifically chosen for there durability and quality

  • Aluminium
  • Wood collection
  • 100’s of colours in range
  • Perforated slats
  • Shaped blinds
  • Made to measure

From the traditional 50mm and 35 mm ranges to the chic and colour matched 25mm venetian blinds.
The quality of manufacture, as with all our blinds, is of the highest standards. Our strict quality control procedures are put into place at every stage of manufacturing, ensuring our customers receive an excellent product constructed from the highest quality materials.

Venetian blinds are incredibly versatile and perfect for creating a modern, uncluttered look in your home. Various styles are available including aluminium, Tuscan Oak, Birch, Pine and Pearl. Our Aluminium blinds have a similar look to our wooden blinds, however are lighter and lower cost making them a prospective alternative to our wooden blinds.

Our real wood range will bring the beauty of natural wood into your home. The slat sized that are avilable are: 22mm, 35mm, 50mm and 65mm.


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