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From light pastal shades to vibrant tones the diversity of our blinds will suit your taste. The weight of the fabric will allow you to control the light coming into the room to create an aestetic to suit your mood. The vertical nature of the blinds leads to easy cleaning and maintenance.

Vertical blinds are window coverings that have slats which run vertically from the top to bottom. For almost 20 years this type of blind have dominated the market, and is a popular choice still to this day. The versatility and multifunction of this blind makes it unique. We have reinvented vertical blinds by utilising different fabrics (pattern, printed, black out) to suit the style and functionality that you want to achieve.

To ensure the highest quality and reliability we use the vogue slimline vertical system. This track is by louvolite UK and is the standard across our range. The louvolite ® mono commend system for slimline and voue rails changes the track to have no cord, no chains. as a family business we take child safety serious.

Indivivual slat sizes available are 89mm & 127mm

Motorised vertical headrails

Motorisation for vertical blinds are the perfect accessory to complete your blinds package. they are user friendly. The power shade remote control vertical blind system gives customers an easy use plug and play window blind system.

The power shade vertical system has eight tilt and traverse functions. The blinds can open at a touch of a button and tilt in millimetres to allow the desired light control.

The motorised system also come with a feature of auto day and auto night. This is controlled by a light sensor that measures the amour of light coming in the room. once the day light fades the blind will close, when the light re appears the blinds will open. This gives the security in the home or work place when the premises are empty.





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